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We wanted to create a simple place where we could share industry knowledge and our opinion when it pertained to rifles – specifically long range rifles, and long range hunting and shooting. We’re glad you’re here!

How to Bore Sight a Rifle

Do you know how to bore sight a rifle? It’s easier than you think and you don’t need any special laser tools. At Horizon Firearms, we shoot every rifle before it ships and we guarantee a .5 MOA accuracy. That means we spend a lot of time at the range and we bore sight a…

4 Myths About the 22 Creedmoor Shot Down

While the 22 Creedmoor has been a popular topic of discussion in the predator hunting world for many years, it’s just now becoming more mainstream. At Horizon Firearms, we built our first 22 Creedmoor back in mid-2014. We’ve seen the interest in this wildcat caliber grow every year since. If you type “22 Creedmoor” into…

22 Creedmoor – Not Your Grandad’s 22

We get a lot of questions about the 22 Creedmoor. At shows, folks often stop and ask about why we like it so much. Typically they’re comparing it against the 220 Swift… “My 220 Swift shoots 4,000–.” When it comes to the “right caliber” debate, you’ll get 13 different opinions from 10 different people. The 22…